We want to help our customers as much as possible; so we have compiled a list of books, articles, movies, websites, etc. that we have found to be beneficial in many ways regarding farming, food-buying, soil genetics, and other topics of interest.

This list is in no way comprehensive, but we believe the issues discussed in these resources will aid you in many ways. Check them out and enjoy!



  • Food Inc.’ documentary directed by Robert Kenner. Also available in paperback.
  • Fast Food Nation’  also a book.
  • Farmageddon’ produced by Kristin Marie Productions.
  • ‘SuperSize Me’ directed by Morgan Spurlock – Click to watch
  • ‘Frankensteer’, produced by BullFrog Films


  • ‘Acres U.S.A.’ is a magazine we subscribe to that has numerous helpful articles and information.
  • www.eatwild.com is a resourceful website regarding grass-fed food products.
  • www.motherearthnews.com