The first food products available at Harmony Hill Farm were eggs. We began with about 150 laying hens. However, the good Lord has blessed us and in the past three years that number has grown

to 400+ laying hens. At the conception of our farm we made the commitment  to raise our laying hens to produce eggs as naturally as possible. Raising chickens naturally means allowing them to live on pasture, freely ranging from their nesting boxes, following behind the cows as they would in nature, and giving them nothing that has genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We admit it. Raising chickens in this manner is a little more work, but it’s worth it for the chickens and for our customers.

We do not agree with conventional chicken growing. Confinement housing is NOT humane or healthy for the chicken. They were not created to be kept in battery cages without seeing the light of day. We want to imitate the Creator’s design as much as possible, and that’s why we raise our layer chickens on pasture and move them continuously to fresh paddock and allow them to range freely. And so while it is more work, we feel good, and right, raising our laying hens naturally. We hope that you’ll join us in bringing America back to raising food the natural way.