“When you bring a package of hamburger home from a supermarket, you have to treat it as toxic material.” Mike McBane, Canadian Health Coalition

FRANKENSTEER is a disturbing yet compelling documentary that reveals how the ordinary cow is being transformed into an antibiotic dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic bacteria, all in the name of cheaper food.

The beef industry, supported by North American government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, has engaged in an on-going experiment to create the perfect food machine. Why?  To increase speed of production and to reduce the cost of manufacture.

They may have lowered their production costs, but they’ve “raised the price” for the public.  In producing a cheap industrial product, we pay the price in terms of food safety and nutrition.

The industry has  undergone a radical rethinking in how it’s going to raise, feed and slaughter this benign, grazing herbivore. This  includes recent changes in inspection rules that have shifted the responsibility for food safety from government inspectors to the people on the floor who do the slaughtering and packing.

Is this a price you’re willing to pay?

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