Ingersoll-familyFamily is such a gift from God. Working together as a family on our farm, gives us lots of opportunities to work hard with one another, get to know each other in a way different than just living together and making special life long memories.  Whether it is the daily chores of feeding and watering, herding to fresh pasture, working on farm equipment, or washing eggs at night, we are doing it together.

Jesse enjoys caring for the pigs and loves to run all the farm equipment. You’ll find Rachael usually barefoot while she’s working in the fields.  Jake does a great job at the farmer’s market educating customers about our products. Robert helps manage the website as he’s away at college, and lends a helping hand when he’s home. Robin does so much including working the family garden, canning, and overall keeping everyone fed.  Earl rises and shines everyday before the sun, feeding and moving animals and overseeing the general management of the farm.