"Producing food products that are raised naturally."

Mimicking nature as much as possible. Healing the land through natural farming practices results in healthy soil, which results in healthy grass, which results in healthy food.

Laying Hens

The first food products available at Harmony Hill Farm were eggs. We began with about 150 laying hens. However, the good Lord has blessed us and in the past three years that number has grown

Checking Our Priorities

In 2009 Americans spent 9.48% of their disposable income on food. 5.55% of that was spent on food for the home while the other 3.93% was spent on food away from home (i.e. eating out). Contrast this with 1949; Americans spent 22% of their disposable income on food. ‘So what?’ you may be asking. Let’s compare

Interesting Things About Our Animals

We love all of the different personalities of the animals, their intelligence and their God-given characteristics.  For instance the pigs have amazing plows on the end of their faces which they use to root for food and

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Our Farming Principles

Natural: Our goal at Harmony Hill Farm is to produce food products that are raised...

Why Do We Purchase Non-GMO Feed?

We believe that our animals as well as our customers who eat our products deserve to have...